October 06

✤FFXIV FanFestival 2016✤☆彡

  So I’m going to FanFestival this year and super excited despite a lot of logistical issues and financial ones but flight is set, hotel is set, and friends are set. I also got this super cool idea from a friend to buy a gaming shirt (ie: WARRIOR, Keep Calm and Fellcleave) stuff like that. […]

December 22

✾Tuxedo Mask from Eorzea✾

Finally got around to finishing Tuxedo Mask from Eorzea. It took a lot longer because I was procrastinating so much on the mood and lighting of the background. I had a different look earlier but it was too whimsical and cheesy. This one definitely hit the right tone and I got the darkness that I […]

August 06

FFXIV 1st Anniversary Video Entry

So Square Enix held this video contest for their 1st Anniversary for FFXIV. I made a video for it but interestingly enough, at first I was gonna do a simple character history video. But then a member of my static gave me this grand idea that turned it into a movie trailer of sorts. I […]

June 20

☾Pretty Guardian Sailor Mars☽

Finally I got around to finishing this great in-game cosplay by my friend(s). I was caught up with too much coil that I got too burnt to paint in my spare time. But this is definitely a cool idea and it’s not done yet! I have one more Sailor Moon character to do next! I […]

March 05

╠Epic cinematic scenes of bizarreness╣

It’s not usual that games are truly fun or give the emotional fulfillment that watching movies, reading a book, or listening to music does to people. This is a great downfall to many digital games these days especially in the MMO world. The constant grind and negativity that thrives within the communities is quite common, […]

February 08

♛Catch me on Twitch.TV!!✤

Hey all. So I finally got a Twitch.TV account! I been holding off for the longest time because really, it’s almost just like a glorified version of Twitter but in real-time format and with video! But since getting back into minecraft and whatnot recently, I thought it’d be cool to show builds I have been […]

February 05

♥ is in the air… literally♥

Valentione’s Day starting off the month with some FATE-less quests (thank goodness). The outfits I’m not too hot about. Reminds me of some twist of Alice in wonderland taking lessons from Julia Childs. Nevertheless, the ‘heart’ item is kind of cute. You only have one half of a heart and have to create another half […]